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When was the last time you heard the name of a Pakistani female firefighter on the news? Or when did you last see someone actually be excited about a female cricket match? Disappointingly, our nation has failed to provide its…

Throughout this year, we’ve frequented many science events – albeit some of them being online. Recently, we visited LGS 55 main for Sci-matics, and based on our experience, we decided to put up a guide for anyone else who may…

Countless empty bottles of Sting, tear-stained past paper pages and many sleepless nights later, I have somehow miraculously made it through the first term of A Levels. Now, people will tell you that “it’s just A1” and “it’s not that…

Editor’s note: This article is Amaan in his natural habitat. Proceed with caution and some extra IQ points. The PKR 1000 note in your wallet is under threat. Not by your friends for that treat you promised them but by…

2020, has been different to say the least. For some, it was as Captain Raymond Holt once said,  Captain Ray Holt Pain GIF from Captainrayholt GIFs For others it was more of a Michael Scott quote, via GIPHY It was…

Let’s Save the Animals

Let’s Save the Animals

I am extremely pleased to inform you that there are people in our society that do care enough to help these animals. People often take the initiative to do this by making or joining different NGOs focused on animal rights. We reached out to some of these amazing people and here’s what they have to say.

A Tribute to the A2s

Emotions are running higher than ever and memories are constantly being discussed and built further. Hence, we decided to talk about some unforgettable days with the batch of 2020.

The Stigma Against Discussing Mental Health in Pakistan

Here’s how people responded to the question “What are your opinions on the stigma against talking about mental health in Pakistan and how has it affected you personally?”

“Loug Kia Kahein Gey?”

“Loug Kia Kahein Gey?”

Has the ‘loug kia kahein’ ge concept ever affected your college life, especially after entering into a co-education environment?

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