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Year: 2019

We Need You To March On the 29th. Here’s Why:

‘Good’ A Level students from ‘respectable’ families are expected to stand clear from the messiness of everyday life, and focus on what ‘really matters’: formal education, profile building, and securing a place at a good university. And so, ironically, the most well educated, well informed section of the population on whom the future of the country depends stand structurally outside any space that is political. It is almost as if you are encouraged not to entrench yourself within the geography and politics of the world around you.

But you have the power to change that.

Smog: A Choking, Gasping City

Smog: A Choking, Gasping City

The citizens of Lahore went into a state of panic as individuals struggled to find a whisper of breathable air from the choking smoke creeping into every crevice of each house.

I am a proud Bayern fan and have been for many years now, but for getting me hooked on football, Manchester United will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was, and still is, the most famous and well-renowned club in the world with the biggest fan base, but recently, United fans have been sadly treated to boring, fluky and desperate football with players playing without any set style.

Memes are an escape from the increasingly stressful life of a high school student. From being relatable to nostalgic to just plain old edgy, memes have it all.
So here are the five best meme accounts on Instagram.

“Loug Kia Kahein Gey?”

“Loug Kia Kahein Gey?”

Has the ‘loug kia kahein’ ge concept ever affected your college life, especially after entering into a co-education environment?

Healing Through the Art of Journaling

Sometimes, a journal doesn’t need a specific topic to be written on. It’s just you and your self-reflection. Quite honestly, I can easily confess that journaling is one thing I’ve done right since I’ve started it. 

What Being an AvGeek is Like

What Being an AvGeek is Like

For many, this obsession starts in their childhood, usually by watching these exquisite machines, a combination of unimaginable power and elegance, flying right before our eyes.

Halloween’s Over but the Deadman’s Party Still Continues

To tribute the end of the spooky month and the beginning of an awful reality (at this point we don’t even need clown costumes, regular clothes will do just fine), here is a list of 3 events that occurred this past month, that scared the living daylights out of us. 

SKSKSKSK-ing Our Way to an Eco-Friendly Future

For those of you who live under a rock, here’s a quick introduction to the global phenomenon known as VSCO girls before we move on.

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